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UROTECH Germany has partnered with Promis Medical Australia to offer its comprehensive product range to Australian & New Zealand market. Founded in 1989, UROTECH is specialized in the development and manufacturing of disposable instrumentation for a wide field of modern Urotech Applications. Within their vast product portfolio, they offer Ureteral Stents, Nephrostomy Catheters, Puncture & Exchange Sets, Balloon Catheters, Haematuria/Tamponade Catheters, Suprapubic Bladder Puncture Sets / Exchange Sets, Stone Extractors and Ureteral Catheters. 

One of their biggest strengths is their so-called Phosphorylcholine (PC)-coating process which they offer for their stent and nephrostomy portfolio.This exclusive UROTECH coating process provides various advantages such as increased indwelling times, reduced incrustation and a reduced bacteria colonization on the stent/catheter surfaces. Altogether PC-coatings will increase the indwelling performance of the devices and reduce the risk of clinically significant complications.

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